Interview with Nicole Duggins: Distance Education Student

Name:  Nicole Duggins

From and/or studying from: From Fayetteville, NC

Year in program: 1st

Specialization: Special Libraries

What do you do?:  I am a Database Administrator for DB2 for z/OS.  I also work on the system side.

Hardest thing about being a DE student?  Working in a group with other geographically dispersed DE students.  I also miss the social interaction.

Tips for other DE students?  Stay connected with other students.  I find that most of the students are willing to connect to share experiences and give advice.  Also, try to stay involved in student organizations through elluminate, facebook, or wordpress.  After working for 8 years, I realize that connections are important.  I wish I would have know this during my undergrad years.  I wish I would have known that I wanted to be a librarian years ago.  I am really enjoying the classes.

Anything else we should know about you?  Even though I am a techie curmudgeon in the basement, I love to laugh and love the ballet.  If anyone ever wants to go to the ballet, let me know.



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