Student Interview: Carla Sarratt


From:  Cleveland, Ohio

Undergrad degree:   Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Wittenberg University

Year in program:  I am in my last 30 days of the MLS program at NCCU and will graduate on December 8th.

Specialization: Special Library

Internships and extracurricular activities:  Since last December, I have been an intern at the Government and Heritage Library which is part of the State Library of North Carolina.  I also am a member of ALA, SLA and the North Carolina chapters for both organizations.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, pinning, watching movies, baking, traveling, and listening to music.

What do you do?:  I recently became the librarian at the African American Cultural Center at North Carolina State University.

How did you get that job?:  I applied for the position when I found it one evening doing my duties for I Need a Library Job, prayed, interviewed, prayed again, and sent thank you notes as soon as I got home from my interviews.

 What’s the hardest thing about your job?:  I love what I do and am still excited to come to work every day.  I have ideas brewing all of the time, but the biggest challenge right now is being the new librarian at the circulation desk when the previous librarian served for many years.   I am confident that I will resolve that because I am taking steps now to overcome that challenge.

 Any advice for other students?:  Volunteer, intern, network, and fervently seek the experience that you need to get the job you want.  Don’t rely on what you learn in the classroom to be your only library science experience.


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